Managed Secure Workplace

Why Managed Secure Workplace?

Managed Secure Workplace  enables our customers to focus on their business knowing that Iron Aegis is there 24x7x365  to quickly assess customers’ networks, deliver multi-layered security, monitor anomalies, and seamlessly recover data in the event of an attack.

Create multi-layered security services

Managed Workplace is a single, turnkey solution that includes security assessment, remote monitoring and management capabilities, task automation, patch management, powerful reporting, and more. Available on-premises or in the cloud, you can create security services that small-and-medium sized businesses need in today’s cyberthreat landscape.

Detect and address vulnerabilities

Managed Workplace’s Site Security Assessment will identify network vulnerabilities and provide remediation recommendations. The assessment measures security posture for business by analyzing patch and password management, antivirus status, and network security levels. The output of the assessment can be reviewed periodically to track security history and improvement over time.

Save resources and financial capital by a subscription based, pay as-you-go service and let watch your network traffic flows, ingest logs and enable compliance.

What is Cyber Security? Get the Best Cyber Security Services from Iron Aegis

Cyber security is necessary to prevent attacks on digital systems and networks. For businesses, it’s an indispensable defense against hackers who will try to steal customer information and trade secrets. To prevent such incidents, you need a secure network design that can take the beating of repetitive hacking attempts.

Every organization should have a strong barricade against hackers. Iron Aegis is here to help you shield your business and IT infrastructure against cyber attacks.

We offer the following services to guard you against unauthorized access:

  1. Cloud security
  2. Data security
  3. Endpoint security
  4. Application security
  5. End-user training
  6. Disaster recovery plan
  7. Vulnerability check
  8. 24/7 response and monitoring

Cyber defense you can trust

Hackers are everywhere and they target every kind of business. You can’t be too complacent. You should have security measures in place to prevent a data breach. Regardless of your cyber security needs, Iron Aegis is here to help.

We assess your security needs so we can tailor our service correctly. Our sophisticated and budget-friendly cyber security suits all businesses.

Peace of mind for your network

Here at Iron Aegis, prevention is our culture. We don’t wait for cyber attacks; we stop it on its tracks even before it happens. Our proactive approach to cyber security makes us one of the leading IT security services.

We mitigate anomalies before it wreaks havoc in your system. Our round-the-clock response and situational awareness guarantee an unfailing service.

Iron Aegis has a strong stance against cybercrime. We stand by our commitment to providing tried and tested security solutions, so you no longer have to trust amateurs.

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    Key Features

    • Built-in Site Security Assessment

      Identify client network vulnerabilities to recommend the right services.

    • Custom Monitoring & Alerting

      Continuous monitoring and alerting based on service plan policies.

    • Streamlined Patch Management

      Acquire, test, and apply Microsoft patches automatically or manually.

    • Remote IT Support

      Promptly resolve customer issues swiftly, from anywhere. 

    • Detailed Reporting

      with identified areas for improvement.

    • PSA Ticketing

    Why choose us

    When implementing any one of our security solutions.  We also know there isn’t a one size fits all solution and budget for every customer.  That is why we meet with all of our new customer and clients in person to understand your current business needs, requirements, and budget prior to developing a solution.  Our solutions are custom – no matter whether your organization requires a sophisticated, defense in depth solution or a budget based video surveillance system, our solution are custom tailored for you.  Regardless of the solution that is selected, security is still the focus and will not be compromised.  That is why the pay careful attention to detail in selection of products, vendors, and security equipment we use in all our solutions.  For example, due to the significant vulnerabilities imposed by Chinese security equipment, Iron Aegis stands firm and is behind the U.S. government on its ban on any associated Chinese-based equipment.