Office 365 Migration


Because everyone’s doing it! Well, we’ve learned by now as adolescents that we shouldn’t jump into something, buy something, or do something because one of your cool neighbors, friends, or peers is doing it. But sometimes there is a reason why something is popular, like sliced bread, bourbon, or Top Golf! It’s generally because it is something that has made someone’s life easier, tastes phenomenal, or is just plain fun which provides boundless enjoyment. That’s precisely what Office 365 has done for corporate America. It has provided all our favorite and productive apps like Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and more in the cloud where we can access wherever we are, whenever we need to and from whatever device. But more than that are apps that make us communicate better and collaborate more effectively like MS Teams and Planner. See just some of the benefits of moving to Office 365.


Because everyone else is! Kidding aside, it’s really because we are first and foremost a security company and a partner who takes the bread and butter of your business which is your data, very serious. We also assess your company from both a security and business lens to deliver you a solution that will protect your business and provide an incredible return on your investment, rather than just blindly install software. Because we value our relationships with our customers, we prefer to understand your business and be an extension of your business so we can be proactive in our service and response, as opposed to a company you call when something breaks.



Of course we are listing security as number one – because we are a security company! We strongly support and back the security of Office 365. Whether your organization needs to comply with legal or regulatory standards, Microsoft has taken the necessary steps by incorporating security into their Office 365 offering like Office 365 Security and Compliance. This feature provides a security road map to get you secure and assure your organization with Secure Score, Azure AD Identity protection and more.

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    • Email and calendaring with Exchange Online

    • Online file storage and sharing with OneDrive for Business

    • Instant messaging, video and audio conferencing with Skype for Business Online

    • Intranet website hosting with SharePoint Online

    • Enterprise social networking with Yammer

    • Productivity and collaboration

      features such as Groups, Teams, and Planner

    Why choose us

    When implementing any one of our security solutions.  We also know there isn’t a one size fits all solution and budget for every customer.  That is why we meet with all of our new customer and clients in person to understand your current business needs, requirements, and budget prior to developing a solution.  Our solutions are custom – no matter whether your organization requires a sophisticated, defense in depth solution or a budget based video surveillance system, our solution are custom tailored for you.  Regardless of the solution that is selected, security is still the focus and will not be compromised.  That is why the pay careful attention to detail in selection of products, vendors, and security equipment we use in all our solutions.  For example, due to the significant vulnerabilities imposed by Chinese security equipment, Iron Aegis stands firm and is behind the U.S. government on its ban on any associated Chinese-based equipment.