HIPAA (Health insurance Portability and Accountability Act)

Secure Patient Records – As we know the objective of HIPAA is more than a standard created for the purpose of auditors doling out compliance violations, it is for the protection of data privacy for patient records and safeguarding of medical information. Due the Healthcare Industry’s increase use of IT systems and network, as well as the IoT(Internet of Things) for enhancing it’s efficiency and performance to it’s patients, so has the threat landscape and associated cyber risks. These risks include loss of data privacy due to stolen patient records and costly breaches to ransomware attacks where healthcare and patient data is held at ransom until the fee is paid. Because of Iron Aegis experience in both Physical and Cyber Security, we understand the threat landscape from a 360 degree view. We are familiar with and experienced at securely deploying IoT devices and equipment, and thus are familiar with properly securing and migating the IoT threat landscape appropriate security best practices and controls.

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    • Prevention

      Foundational technology, tools and policies for a secure

    • Visibility

      Ongoing assessments of sanctioned and unsanctioned

    • Intelligence

      Situational awareness to identify and mitigate anomalous

    • Prevention

      Automatic and orchestrated response systems

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    When implementing any one of our security solutions.  We also know there isn’t a one size fits all solution and budget for every customer.  That is why we meet with all of our new customer and clients in person to understand your current business needs, requirements, and budget prior to developing a solution.  Our solutions are custom – no matter whether your organization requires a sophisticated, defense in depth solution or a budget based video surveillance system, our solution are custom tailored for you.  Regardless of the solution that is selected, security is still the focus and will not be compromised.  That is why the pay careful attention to detail in selection of products, vendors, and security equipment we use in all our solutions.  For example, due to the significant vulnerabilities imposed by Chinese security equipment, Iron Aegis stands firm and is behind the U.S. government on its ban on any associated Chinese-based equipment.